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PCA Skin Smoothing Body Peel Treatment

The PCA Skin Smoothing Body Peel is a two-step treatment specifically targeting the skin on all areas of the body to reduce surface lines and wrinkles, smooth rough skin texture, treat skin discoloration, redness, and assist in clearing acne or blemished prone skin. The Pre-Peel Accelerator Mask contains urea and malic acid, naturally found in apples, and is applied first to help soften, nourish and hydrate the skin’s surface.  The Smoothing Body Peel is then applied in one or multiple layers, dependent upon skin condition or desired result for mild to moderate exfoliation revealing healthy new skin. The Smoothing Body Peel is formulated with a potent yet skin-friendly blend of 10% TCA, 45% Lactic Acid, 10% Salicylic Acid, Arbutin and Kojic Acid to improve and enhance the skin’s appearance.

This treatment is an excellent choice for promoting an even skin tone and clear complexion on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet. 

Areas of Concern:

Medium Treatment Areas

  • Arms (Lower or Upper)

  • Back (Lower or Upper)

  • Feet

  • Hands

  • Shoulders

Large Treatment Areas

  • Arms

  • Back

  • Chest

  • Legs

** The time and prices are dependent upon concentration size and are subjected to change if necessary due to the area or areas of concern. For concentration areas of concern that are not listed, please contact us to set up your consultation.