Brown Spots




The treatment of brown spots with the Skin Classic is fast and effective using specific high frequency that allows thermal vaporization but has minimal impact on the surrounding tissue. This can be much faster and more effective than topical creams that are commonly used. 


prognosis & aftercarE

 Remelanization or restoration of client's skin tone relies on the color of their skin. The darker the clients skin tone, the longer it may take to totally remelanize. Following the treatment, crusts may appear within 24-36 hours. Within 7-14 days the crusts typically shed and the tissue will heal within 28-30 days. Avoid any irritants or harsh products until the 30 day healing cycle is complete and always apply moisturizer and sunscreen. Avoid direct sunlight. These may reappear as skin ages and it is best to have them treated as soon as they are visible. Maintaining a good skin care regime can also aide in maintaining results and prevent reoccurring brown spots.