Standard treatment of blackheads takes time to resolve and can take several weeks for noticeable results. The Skin Classic uses innovative technology to instantly remove stubborn blackheads, in one piece, without any trauma to the pore or surrounding skin. It can also aide in shrinking the pore back down to its standard size.


prognosis & aftercare

Following the procedure, it is recommended that you use a gentle cleanser twice a day, in addition to moisturizer and sunblock for positive healing. No harsh products should be used until the skin is smooth and free of redness. The treated areas may form a crust within about 24-36 hours. The crust or should shed within 7-14 days. Complete healing may take 30 days or longer. Concealer/makeup that is applied with a clean applicator can be applied to the affected area 24 hours post treatment. Maintaining a good skin care regime can also aide in maintaining results and prevent reoccurring blackheads.